Virus Removal

Are You A Victim Of Fake Antivirus Or Spyware Programs

One of the most prevalent and annoying problems you may encounter today is attacks from fake or rogue anti-virus programs through the Internet. These malicious programs pop-up uninvited and usually tell you that your computer is infected with many different viruses or spyware. This is a lie! The programs are designed for one purpose and that is to extract money from you. There are many different variations of these fake anti virus  programs around but they all have one thing in common. They are a nuisance and will make you and your computer very unhappy.

The malicious programs affect your computer in different ways depending on which program you have. some will just annoy the hell out of you with pop-ups appearing every few seconds, others will disable parts of your computers operating system such as windows updates. Another effect of fake anti virus software can be redirection of your web pages. For example, you perform a search on Google but when you click on one of the results, your browser takes you to somewhere completely different. This alone is very frustrating.

Below are screen shots of fake programs to give you an idea of what to look for.

Many genuine anti virus products fail to detect and prevent fake anti virus and spyware programs. Purchasing a specialized product to protect your computer is the best approach. Spyware Doctor from PC Tools is a good place to start. The program offers good protection from most types of spyware and malicious programs and is quite a cheap purchase at only £17.99 for a 3 pc licence.

Another source of spyware can be free toolbars. Try and avoid any toolbar that offers to save you money or give you freebies as they may be dangerous. The only toolbar I use is the Google toolbar. With a little care most of these problems can be avoided but the makers of fake programs are getting smarter in their approach all the time so you need to be protected. Take care.

If you are in Macclesfield, Cheshire and are experiencing problems described above please contact PC Guardians for Macclesfield Computer repairs and Virus removal


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