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Gmail Account Hacked

I was very surprised to discover that my rarely used Gmail account has been compromised and used to send out spam links. Luckily there were not many contacts in the account as I only use it for test emails. Unfortunately there were some addresses listed in the most contacted section. These are the emails that were sent the spam links. I have now emptied this section to prevent it happening again.
More worrying is how did it get hacked in the first place? I have good security on my PC and have since done a full scan with no infections found. Maybe I logged into my Gmail account from a compromised computer at another location which may well have logged my password.
Quite an annoying experience but easily corrected. When I tried to login to Gmail, they already knew something was not right as I was presented with options to verify myself and reset my password.

Take a look at this article on how to check if your Gmail account has been hacked and what to do about it.


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