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Computers breakdown. This is an unfortunate fact that many of you will have experienced at some stage. Sometimes the solution is simple and easily corrected. Other breakdowns can be far more difficult to diagnose and repair.

Some computer users enjoy tinkering and trying to perform the repairs themselves. This often results in more harm than good and more expense for the computer owner. Most people know a friend of a friend who is “good” with computers. The end results generated by some of these “friends” can be disastrous and expensive.

PC Guardians offer a complete diagnostic and repair service for your computer. You will not be told that you need unnecessary, expensive upgrade components as a means to inflate your bill. This does happen and is not fair to you as a trusting customer.

You will be advised at every stage of the repair process and no components are replaced without first consulting you. Staffed by experienced IT technicians your computer is in safe hands with repairs carried out professionaly and competently in our workshop. All repairs are performed in the workshop and not onsite.

A collect and return service is offered to customers for convenience. Many computer users do not wish to disconnect and reconnect the computer themselves. No problem! We do it for you. Collection, disconnection, repair, return and reconnection all done for you.

  • Collect & Return is free! (Area dependent)

Full spyware and virus removal services are available for home and business users in the Macclesfield area. Due to the hours involved in virus scanning and removal, all virus/spyware removal is performed at the workshop. Any unattended scanning of computers is not chargeable.

If you wish to have your computer repaired by a friendly and professional company look no further than PC Guardians.

PC Guardians look forward to seeing you in the near future!
Contact us: Guardians@pcguardians.co.uk

Website: http://www.pcguardians.co.uk

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