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Laptop Repair and Laptop Memory Upgrades in Macclesfield Town, Cheshire

September 17, 2007

Many people in Macclesfield now have laptops instead of buying large cumbersome desktop pcs. Laptops are great if you need portability or have limited space at home in Macclesfield Town. Most new laptops purchased in Macclesfield now come with Microsoft Windows Vista pre-installed and this will be more than satisfactory for most computer users.

If your laptop is still under manufacturers warranty it will have to be returned to them for any repairs should you have hardware problems. However if your laptop problem is software related such as Windows XP or Windows Vista errors your laptop repair can be carried out in Macclesfield by PC Guardians. We can also remove spyware and virus infection from your PC or laptop.

We can also install more memory in your laptop providing faster performance of Windows and applications. Please note that you need to know the make and model number of your laptop for memory upgrade capacity. Laptop hard drives can fail just as larger desktop hard drives. PC Guardians may be able to replace your laptop hard drive with a new one and re-install Windows XP or Vista for you.

Please note that we cannot offer electronic specialist repairs on items such as laptop screens or components other than memory or hard drives

If you are having computer problems inĀ  the Macclesfield, Alderley Edge, Prestbury, Knutsford, or Wilmslow area and need some help, please call Ray on 07955 520730