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Living with a disability? – Free Collect and Return for Computer Repair in Macclesfield

October 9, 2007

Not everyone is familiar with the connections at the back of a computer, and to some they are just terrifying! So imagine what must go through a technophobes mind when the computer goes wrong and refuses to work as normal. Is it safe to unplug the leads? Will I remember where they all go when the computer has been repaired? Help!

If you are looking for a computer repair business in Macclesfield why not give Ray at PC Guardians a call. Ray provides a friendly, helpful computer repair and help service in and around Macclesfield. The free collect and return service is especially beneficial for anyone living in the Macclesfield area who has a physical disability who may find it difficult to disconnect the computer and take it to be repaired. Many Macclesfield computer repair businesses will charge to collect your computer. PC Guardians provide a free collect and return service to save you any trouble or worry regarding computer repair.

This service includes disconnection of the computer , taking it for repair and reconnecting everything on its return. If you are living with a disability and your computer needs repairing please call Ray at PC Guardians of Macclesfield.


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September 20, 2006

Here at PC Guardians we understand that computers are scary for some people. Not really scary but scary enough to worry them a little. If, or should I say when, something does go wrong with your pc, you will need to fix it yourself or get a nice man (me,hopefully!) to do it for you. This usually involves much crawling about under dusty desks or cupboards to disconnect the mass of cables hanging from your computer.

The thought of trying to disconnect the pc cable jungle is just too much for some people . Even more worrying for some is reconnecting the cables and plugs when your computer is repaired and returns home to its dusty abode under the desk.

For some, the problem lies with lifting or carrying the computer tower case itself. Computers can be quite a heavy and awkward item to hold onto. You may have a condition such as arthritis which does not allow you to lift or carry. You may have a disabilty or be in a wheelchair and getting a computer to the repair shop is a pain for you.Well there is no need to worry any longer!

PC Guardians will come and disconnect the computer for you, transport it to the workshop, repair the computer and then return it to you and reconnect all the cables and plugs. The worry has been taken away from you instantly!

If you are worried about getting your computer repaired, there is no need! Just contact Ray at PC Guardians to arrange a suitable collection time.

Contact details are below:

Mobile:07955 520730


Even if your computer is working fine at the moment, why not print out our contact reminder sheet for later reference.

The reminder sheet is available here (Right click and save as) and is in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. It is available for free download by clicking the image.
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Please note it is quite a large file and may take some time to download for Dial-up users.