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Computer Repair Macclesfield – Your Computer Is Infected – Or Is It?

March 31, 2009

Don’t panic! Famous line from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and also good advice. I know many of you do exactly that when your computer goes wrong. There really is no need to panic. Whatever the computer problem is, there is a good chance that PC Guardians computer repairs Macclesfield can fix it for you.

Viruses and spyware are at the forefront of many Macclesfield computer problems and it is indeed a nuisance to end up with a computer infected with spyware. One of the most prevalent problems at the moment are rogue anti-virus and spyware applications. The first sign you have been infected is the appearance of windows system error messages and pop ups informing you that your computer has been infected. This is usually followed by an offer to scan your computer and fix the problems for you. Once you take the offer of a scan the ploy to extract money from you begins.

By this stage your computer has been infected and the rogue application will appear to scan your computer, after which it will report that your computer has hundreds maybe even thousands of infections on it. You will be offered the chance to remove the infections by paying for the full version of the application. Please do not pay for this software as it is complete rubbish and you do not need it. By paying you are not only giving money to criminals but there is also a strong chance that you are compromising your credit card details as well.

These applications go by various names including Win Fixer, Spyware Protestor 2009. Anti-Virus 2009 and others. The best plan of action is to call us and we will remove the spyware from your computer for you. Please be aware that these applications do pose a real threat and are difficult to remove unless you have the appropriate knowledge.

PC Guardians provide a professional, friendly computer repair service in Macclesfield and surrounding areas such as Bollington, Congleton, Prestbury, Knutsford & Leek. Often we will collect your computer and return it when repairs are complete.

Costs associated with this type of repair are in the region of £70-£80 and your computer will be with us for 2-5 working days maximum. You can contact us on 07955 520730


Spyware Removal Service Now Available

September 12, 2006

spywarePC Guardians are pleased to offer a Complete Spyware and malware removal service to both business clients and private residents in the Macclesfield area.

Spyware is defined as software that is installed either without the users knowledge or consent. Usually it will be concealed within another “free” product that is downloaded. Examples of this are sites offering smiley icons, to use in MSN or free ringtones for your mobile phone. As you may have heard, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. This applies on the Internet as well and users should be wary of sites offering free downloads.

You will notice the speed of your computer gradually decreasing over a period of weeks or months and eventually it may reach the point where it is unusable. This can be due to popup adverts filling the screen or internet pages failing to load. A system full of spyware infections will be very slow to start-up and use. This is because the spyware will all be using system resources such as ram and processor power. All these demands at once can overwhelm some computers causing them to crash or freeze. The symptoms of spyware are varied but a good indication of infection is a slow down of your pc and the appearance of popup adverts.

There are indeed free programs available for download that claim to remove spyware for you. The problem is, some of these free programs actually contain spyware and adware themselves. They simply exploit the fact that you may wish to attempt spyware removal yourself and offer to help, while unknown to you they are installing their own spyware.

There are free programs that do actually remove spyware for you. Unfortunately, the spyware is getting smarter and more integrated within windows operating systems. They employ tricks and diversions to confuse the average pc user. Spyware removal can take several hours to remove completely from a computer. The offending software often hides in various places on a computer and evades removal. PC Guardians have great experience in tracing and removing these infections from computers and will clean up any pc if requested.

Under very extreme circumstances the only way to be 100% certain of a clean pc is to format the hard drive and perform a complete re-install of the windows operating system. This is however quite a rare occurrence.

PC Guardians can remove the spyware for you. In no time at all you can get back to trouble free computing. All spyware removals are performed off-site in our workshop. This is due to the fact that scanning and removal can take several hours to perform.

If you suspect your PC is infected why not call PC Guardians now

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