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PC Guardians of Macclesfield provide computer repairs in Macclesfield and surrounding areas. Whatever the trouble we can help you. All computer repairs are performed at our workshop in Macclesfield. This helps to reduce the repair times due to all equipment being readily available and to hand. Certain tasks can be performed onsite if you wish but will be more expensive.

Computers can, and often do, breakdown and when they do you need to find a local computer repair business in Macclesfield that you can trust.

Computers are now a large part of daily life for everyone. Not only at work but everywhere. We use computers for so many purposes. Internet banking, shopping on-line, playing games (Candy Crush is just one example), YouTube, Netflix and of course social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all things we now take for granted in everyday life. If your computer suddenly stops working, all these services are suddenly inaccessible (Unless of course you have a tablet or smartphone).

If you run a business or work from home, a broken computer can be disastrous. PC Guardians can repair your computer and get you back to normal.

Just a reminder! Always keep regular backups of important data such as accounts, customers details and even family photographs.

All we need from you is a full description of the problem you have encountered, your name and address details and a phone number. We will do the rest including collect & return of your computer. After testing and diagnosis of the problem, you will be contacted if the repair requires any new hardware. We will always contact you before replacing any item of your computer.

If it is deemed to be uneconomical to repair the computer we can advise you about a replacement system. We also offer a set-up and installation service of new computer systems.

Please note we do not retail computer systems. The computer market is so cut throat that we simply can not compete with the likes of Dell and other large companies. As stated earlier we offer computer buying advice. This helps you to save money by only buying what you need.

If you have a laptop computer the repair situation is slightly different. Due to the advanced electronic and electrical engineering inside a laptop we are unable to offer a complete repair service. Repairs we perform on laptops include spyware and virus removal, hard drive replacement or upgrade, memory upgrades, Windows repair or re-installation of operating systems. We also offer a laptop screen replacement service but it is performed by a specialist technician off-site.

All laptop screen replacements are performed in Macclesfield unlike some companies who will send your laptop away via courier.

PC Guardians of Macclesfield make every effort to complete repairs within 3-5 working days.

If your laptop is completely beyond repair we offer a service to remove the hard drive and attempt to recover your files and data. Please be aware of the fact this is not always possible. If you are selling your laptop, you should consider having the hard drive securely erased or overwritten. Many people sell or throw away old computers and laptops under the impression they are destroyed at the tip or dump. This is certainly not the case at all with most computer equipment being re-sold as second user.

This means that your old computer could end up in the hands of a new owner who is dishonest. Unscrupulous criminals can and will retrieve personal information from your old hard drive, even if it has been formatted. This information can allow your identity to be stolen. Identity theft is a massive problem and can be a stressful experience.

PC Guardians are pleased to offer you peace of mind with our secure data destruction and hard drive disposal service. All data is erased by overwriting several times and the empty hard drive can then be disposed of without worry.

If your computer is giving you a bad day, why not give PC Guardians a call!

Tel: 07955 520730


Why not download our contact sheet for future reference? The sheet is in Adobe PDF Format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have acrobat reader installed you can download it for free by simply clicking on the Adobe icon below.

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