Computer Check-up special offer for Macclesfield Residents

May 29, 2008

Computer repair Macclesfield

With the holiday season upon us, many people neglect to look after their computer properly because they simply do not have time or may be unaware of the best way to protect the computer. A computer needs to be checked out every few months to make sure it is running at its best.

When was the last time you performed any maintenace on your computer? Is the operating system up to date, do you have spyware or virus infections on the computer. Would you realise if you had? If you are not maintaining your computer properly, you are increasing the chances of becoming another statistic of the growing Internet and identity fraud problem. Do you want a crook using your credit card details to buy goods online and leaving you with the bill?

Ray at PC Guardians performs computer repair and maintenance in Macclesfield. To encourage Macclesfield computer users to protect their computers and identities, PC Guardians is running a special offer for June.

Just for the month of June, Macclesfield computer users can get a full computer maintenance health check and optimization for just £49.99!

The service includes free collection and delivery of your computer (In Macclesfield & surrounding area) and the following maintenance services:

  • Full virus scan using latest anti-virus scanner
  • Full spyware/malware scan
  • Installation of anti-virus protection if none present
  • Operating system updates (Including XP service pack 3/Vista SP1)
  • Driver updates if necessary
  • System optimization to increase speed (Dependent on age & spec of computer)
  • Full hard drive optimization and defragmentation
  • Registry clean
  • Removal of dust build up from internal components and cooling fans (if necessary)
  • Cleaning of external computer case

All this for only £49.99! I know we must be mad but we are happy to provide Macclesfield with a friendly, professional service at the right price. This offer will not be advertised in local papers such as the Macclesfield Express so make sure you bookmark this page or write the number down for safekeeping.

Don’t forget Macclesfield, this offer is for June only so get calling now on 07955 520730


Living with a disability? – Free Collect and Return for Computer Repair in Macclesfield

October 9, 2007

Not everyone is familiar with the connections at the back of a computer, and to some they are just terrifying! So imagine what must go through a technophobes mind when the computer goes wrong and refuses to work as normal. Is it safe to unplug the leads? Will I remember where they all go when the computer has been repaired? Help!

If you are looking for a computer repair business in Macclesfield why not give Ray at PC Guardians a call. Ray provides a friendly, helpful computer repair and help service in and around Macclesfield. The free collect and return service is especially beneficial for anyone living in the Macclesfield area who has a physical disability who may find it difficult to disconnect the computer and take it to be repaired. Many Macclesfield computer repair businesses will charge to collect your computer. PC Guardians provide a free collect and return service to save you any trouble or worry regarding computer repair.

This service includes disconnection of the computer , taking it for repair and reconnecting everything on its return. If you are living with a disability and your computer needs repairing please call Ray at PC Guardians of Macclesfield.


Laptop Repair and Laptop Memory Upgrades in Macclesfield Town, Cheshire

September 17, 2007

Many people in Macclesfield now have laptops instead of buying large cumbersome desktop pcs. Laptops are great if you need portability or have limited space at home in Macclesfield Town. Most new laptops purchased in Macclesfield now come with Microsoft Windows Vista pre-installed and this will be more than satisfactory for most computer users.

If your laptop is still under manufacturers warranty it will have to be returned to them for any repairs should you have hardware problems. However if your laptop problem is software related such as Windows XP or Windows Vista errors your laptop repair can be carried out in Macclesfield by PC Guardians. We can also remove spyware and virus infection from your PC or laptop.

We can also install more memory in your laptop providing faster performance of Windows and applications. Please note that you need to know the make and model number of your laptop for memory upgrade capacity. Laptop hard drives can fail just as larger desktop hard drives. PC Guardians may be able to replace your laptop hard drive with a new one and re-install Windows XP or Vista for you.

Please note that we cannot offer electronic specialist repairs on items such as laptop screens or components other than memory or hard drives

If you are having computer problems in  the Macclesfield, Alderley Edge, Prestbury, Knutsford, or Wilmslow area and need some help, please call Ray on 07955 520730


Computer Related Articles in Local Macclesfield Magazine Park Lane People

September 7, 2007

I am pleased to announce that I am now writing a small computer related article for a local Macclesfield magazine. Park Lane People and The Tytherington Directory are both published by Macclesfield resident Heather Tebay. As editor of both magazines Heather meets tight monthly deadlines to ensure the magazines make it through the letterbox of over 5000 Macclesfield homes each month.

The publications are distributed free around the Park Lane and Tytherington areas of Macclesfield. I hope you find the articles useful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at guardians@pcguardians.co.uk


Macclesfield Computer Maintenance and Repair Services

March 8, 2007

Just a quick reminder to the people of Macclesfield regarding computer maintenance, repairs and virus, spyware removal. Why go through the hassle of disconnecting your computer and struggling to carry it to the car. Why not call PC Guardians of Macclesfield and let us repair your compter at home. PC Guardians of Macclesfield can complete many tasks onsite but have a fully equipped workshop if this is not practical.

For example, removing viruses and spyware can take considerable time to complete. If the engineer were to sit and wait for the scanning to complete, it could take hours and a lot of money.

PC Guardians will perform a complete virus and spyware scan and removal for £70 regardless of the time it takes to complete. Not only do you get your computer clean of virus and spyware infections but we collect your computer and return it to you, within a 10 mile radius of Macclesfield.

If your desktop computer or laptop is infected with a virus or full of spyware causing unwanted popups and adverts, why not call PC Guardians of Macclesfield today.


Reasons to be cheerful when your computer packs up

February 20, 2007

My name is Ray Cunningham and I am a self employed computer repair technician, engineer, maintenance man and general fixit guy for computers in Macclesfield. I have spent the last nine, in fact it must be nearer to ten years sat in front of computers. If only I had a pound for every hour….

Anyway, in ten years you collect a great deal of knowledge about computers and how to make them work when they don’t want to. From hardware problems to virus and spyware removal, you see more computer bits than is healthy for a grown man really.

Several years have been occupied working for other people. Yes, I have been fixing computers in Macclesfield and if you used to frequent a certain computer repair establishment on Park Lane, Macclesfield, we may have met before (in a previous life sounds more exciting but unfortunately computers are not meant to be exciting so that’s out).

I am lucky. I have a job I actually enjoy, and this is where I can help you. If your computer decides to be awkward or your kids have filled it full of little smiley faces that suddenly talk and scare you half to death, I may be of assistance to you. PC Guardians, that’s me!, can repair your computer for you in Macclesfield. And the good bit is that I come to you and do all the crawling about under the desk to disconnect the jungle of leads.

This part of the service may be very beneficial if :

  • You have a phobia of electrical leads
  • You do not feel confident disconnecting equipment
  • You cannot bend or lift due to health reasons

If you are reading this at home, your computer must be working ok at the moment but make sure you write my number down because the day will come when it packs up and I will come and help you.

Oh and another thing, I fix computers far better than I write humour. Maybe I should just stick to what I know, it’s probably safer.


Macclesfield PC Repair

December 26, 2006

Hi to everyone in Macclesfield! Hopefully you have all had a wonderful Christmas Day at home in Macclesfield. Everyone got the present they wanted I hope.

Many of you living in Macclesfield will have received technology gifts as Christmas presents. Fantastic! But not all of us are technology minded and may need some help getting things working.

Technology is a great thing and so many gadgets are now available to us, it may be a daunting thought for some of you. Do not worry about it. PC Guardians of Macclesfield can help you.

Primarily PC Guardians of Macclesfield repair computers and provide many services including spyware removal, virus removal, installation of new hardware, upgrades, wireless broadband router set-up and installation and more. However, if you have been given a technological gift for Christmas and you are finding it hard going, we can come and set it up for you and show you how to use your gift.

We can even come out to you and set-up electrical equipment such as televisions and freeview boxes etc if you wish. Give us a call to see if we can help you.

Our website can be found here:

PC Guardians