Rogue Anti-Virus and Scare-ware Removal Macclesfield

Hi, my name is Ray and I run PC Guardians, a small business offering computer repairs in Macclesfield, Cheshire. I see many different types of computer problem and I am glad to help my customers resolve their issues at great prices.

It’s a sad reality of the Internet that at some point you are going to get some sort of virus infection on your computer. Even with anti-virus software installed there is still a strong chance of infection. One of the ways your computer might get infected is when you encounter a rogue anti-virus product or “scare-ware” as it is commonly known. Scare-ware can be downloaded onto your PC via torrent sites, movie sites, sites offering free ringtones. Unsuspecting youngsters are easily convinced to click an icon in return for a free download.

This is where your problems can start. Once a computer user agrees to download an executable file they are potentially opening the floodgates for malware to infect the computer. Common symptoms of a scare-ware infection are the sudden appearance of  worrying system error messages, internet connection problems and the appearance of a new anti-virus program telling you that your PC is infected. This type of software is fake and designed to extract money and credit card details from the victim. If you suspect you are a victim of this type of rogue anti-virus or scare-ware please, please do not submit any personal details. Instead you should contact your local computer repair service immediately and they can clean up your computer for you.

If you are looking for someone to carry out computer repairs in Macclesfield, please give me a call and I will be glad to help you solve your problems. You can also find me at


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