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Windows Stability Center Rogue Attack – Virus Removal Macclesfield

April 2, 2011

There is yet another rogue scam hitting computers at the moment. The lastest is called Windows Stability Center and presents you with a system tools type interface telling you that your system is insecure, infected, not optimized, etc. This is of course all nonsense and bears no relation to your actual computer. These types of infection are becoming increasingly common and legitimate antivirus companies are struggling to keep up with them. To the average computer user these rogue software infections seem all too real and many people are panicked into parting with cash and ultimately card details. If you do this you are in trouble as your card details will be cloned or sold on for sure. Next thing you know, your bank account is empty or you receive a large credit card bill. The software is also known as scareware for obvious reasons.

What To Do If Your Computer Is Infected

Don’t panic and make any hasty decisions if you think your computer is infected. Best plan of action is to shut your computer down and contact a  local computer repair company. Most antivirus programs are actually pretty much useless at stopping these types of attacks as they are modified almost daily to bypass detection. It is also possible to become infected just from simply visiting a website that has had malicious code added to it. I know people who were simply looking at shoes online and became infected.

If you are in the Macclesfield area ring PC Guardians on 07955 520730 and we will remove the virus infections for you. The cost for removing the rogue antivirus or system tools infections varies between £65-£80

The infections can affect system files and render a computer unusable in a short amount of time so don’t hesitate. Get it fixed immediately.


Computer Repair Macclesfield – Your Computer Is Infected – Or Is It?

March 31, 2009

Don’t panic! Famous line from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and also good advice. I know many of you do exactly that when your computer goes wrong. There really is no need to panic. Whatever the computer problem is, there is a good chance that PC Guardians computer repairs Macclesfield can fix it for you.

Viruses and spyware are at the forefront of many Macclesfield computer problems and it is indeed a nuisance to end up with a computer infected with spyware. One of the most prevalent problems at the moment are rogue anti-virus and spyware applications. The first sign you have been infected is the appearance of windows system error messages and pop ups informing you that your computer has been infected. This is usually followed by an offer to scan your computer and fix the problems for you. Once you take the offer of a scan the ploy to extract money from you begins.

By this stage your computer has been infected and the rogue application will appear to scan your computer, after which it will report that your computer has hundreds maybe even thousands of infections on it. You will be offered the chance to remove the infections by paying for the full version of the application. Please do not pay for this software as it is complete rubbish and you do not need it. By paying you are not only giving money to criminals but there is also a strong chance that you are compromising your credit card details as well.

These applications go by various names including Win Fixer, Spyware Protestor 2009. Anti-Virus 2009 and others. The best plan of action is to call us and we will remove the spyware from your computer for you. Please be aware that these applications do pose a real threat and are difficult to remove unless you have the appropriate knowledge.

PC Guardians provide a professional, friendly computer repair service in Macclesfield and surrounding areas such as Bollington, Congleton, Prestbury, Knutsford & Leek. Often we will collect your computer and return it when repairs are complete.

Costs associated with this type of repair are in the region of £70-£80 and your computer will be with us for 2-5 working days maximum. You can contact us on 07955 520730


Back To School Computer Repairs In Macclesfield

August 23, 2008

The time to return to school is fast approaching. A new term brings new lessons and more homework. Most children use the internet and the computer now to do their homework. But what if yours is not working properly?

If your computer is running slower than it used to or you are getting loads of pop-up ads for sites you don’t want, your computer may be infected with a virus or spyware. Spyware and malware are on the increase everyday and if you don’t have proper protection your computer is a sitting duck and could be attacked within minutes of connecting to the internet.

If you think your computer may be infected give PC Guardians a call and we can fix it for you and install adequate virus and spyware protection for you. We will also make sure your computer is up to date with all necessary drivers and software patches.

Don’t hesitate, for computer repair in Macclesfield call us


Computer Check-up special offer for Macclesfield Residents

May 29, 2008

Computer repair Macclesfield

With the holiday season upon us, many people neglect to look after their computer properly because they simply do not have time or may be unaware of the best way to protect the computer. A computer needs to be checked out every few months to make sure it is running at its best.

When was the last time you performed any maintenace on your computer? Is the operating system up to date, do you have spyware or virus infections on the computer. Would you realise if you had? If you are not maintaining your computer properly, you are increasing the chances of becoming another statistic of the growing Internet and identity fraud problem. Do you want a crook using your credit card details to buy goods online and leaving you with the bill?

Ray at PC Guardians performs computer repair and maintenance in Macclesfield. To encourage Macclesfield computer users to protect their computers and identities, PC Guardians is running a special offer for June.

Just for the month of June, Macclesfield computer users can get a full computer maintenance health check and optimization for just £49.99!

The service includes free collection and delivery of your computer (In Macclesfield & surrounding area) and the following maintenance services:

  • Full virus scan using latest anti-virus scanner
  • Full spyware/malware scan
  • Installation of anti-virus protection if none present
  • Operating system updates (Including XP service pack 3/Vista SP1)
  • Driver updates if necessary
  • System optimization to increase speed (Dependent on age & spec of computer)
  • Full hard drive optimization and defragmentation
  • Registry clean
  • Removal of dust build up from internal components and cooling fans (if necessary)
  • Cleaning of external computer case

All this for only £49.99! I know we must be mad but we are happy to provide Macclesfield with a friendly, professional service at the right price. This offer will not be advertised in local papers such as the Macclesfield Express so make sure you bookmark this page or write the number down for safekeeping.

Don’t forget Macclesfield, this offer is for June only so get calling now on 07955 520730